Monday, February 23, 2009

|For the love of the Game

Age always take its toll to physical strength and capabilities. I just love the game of basketball since childhood, and still can remember the good old days when i was sitting in my late father shoulder to watch one exciting game during the old days. Today , with lot of development on skills and training, the game had come a very sophisticated and scientific approach, great players emerge and dominated their era, Rick Barry, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Julius Irving, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Lebron James and Kobe Bryant during these present times. The game of basketball is always exciting, it evolves a team and individual effort challenging skills and wit to dominate the game.
Philippines is a basketball country, kids and adults just love the game that on every corner of street on towns, cities or barangays have a makeshift basketball ring just to indulge to the sports the filipinos truly love. Interesting to note that the sports contribute much to discipline, unity and camaraderie among neighbors and friends. As summer comes, it is by their way of life to make it an event to have the annual summer basketball league which brings so much fun and physical contribution to many youths and individuals. Physical activities contribute much to good health and well being.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bring out the Best

At work and even on other form of endeavor, few only strive to give their best. Most often than not, the focus is only half hearted. Excellence requires dedication, discipline and of course a lot of hardwork to achieve the peak performance and eventually came out as a winner. Since most of these are constituents of the aim to succeed in life, bringing out the best inside a fighting heart will be a very vital component.
There were lot of factors that contribute much on this area. A caring love that gives an inspiration will be the most ideal one. It is because , the drive and enthusiasm to dedicate the fruit of success will bring a level of happiness which could be a once in a lifetime experience.

Nothing compares to this kind of success shared with the one special person that is the most important part of our life. They bring out the best in us.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


To accumulate and later share and express. Comes on different ways and depends on individual capacity to gain and percieve information and facts, a knowledge to a certain degree contribute much to the success of a person. It is for the reason, that everything will just work well with proper information and studies to run a system or an organization. Much more , communication which is the most powerful tool of the modern age requires a deep sense of knowledge and ingenuity.
Man from the beginning started from basic form of knowledge, through evolution and by observation , the accumulation of information guide the modern man with the invention of all sort of tools, machines and equipments that pave way to the development of the modern age which we are now today. And it continue to date, modern technology upgrade keep pace with the requirements of the changing times.Although this breakthrough is such of great contribution to mankind, it should always be remember that the responsibility with the environment should be a prime consideration or all of everthing will not serve its purpose

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Living with Concern

Everyone deserves to be happy, even once in their lifetime. But having to go through with many trials that test the reseliency of emotions dont always come in a silver platter. It has to be a continuos untiring effort to be at that state. An individual could always come up with an ideal plan to life , with his idea of a fullfilled and complete life. But it is important to note that this will only really come true, if the heart were free of resentments, anger and frustration. True happiness will only come and grows with a disposition full with values and respect to others. Caring, appreciation and concern could be given without any cost, only a will and effort to do so.

Life is too short, its a prooven reality, much more these days. Going back through time might not be feasible, but making good of the future and what to come is still possible. Follow the good feelings the heart dictates, and everything will fall in its proper place.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Passion to Write

Different ideas, beliefs, principles, knowhow. Each individual possess a unique thoughts, no one comes with the same plane of understanding. There could be an instance where they are on the same level to a certain issues, but the idea will always have a difference at a certain point. Most people have the knack to write, and some dont even know they could. The hindrance that comes along the way is the inferiority to commit mistakes . But given a chance and guide, the unique ideas could be a great plot to write.
Awareness on how to accumulate ideas and knowledge is abundant, specially nowadays that access to any kind of infomation and knowledge is at hand. As blogging became famous, the desire to self expression became a way of life. Criticism will not have its way, what matters most is to convey ideas through the way of chanelling it born out of own personal thoughts. Each one could write, and nothing should prevent it for any other reason . Respect of freedom , to express one self through writing is one way to convey the ideas on mind.
A Good composition need no praise, it only serve the purpose of self expression and pride. It is is our identity.

The Will to Care

It does not come as a pre emptive plan, nor a wish to get personal mileage or praises. From all the conditions and ways, it should be a natural way that genuinely comes as an expression at a very personal touch. It differs with each individual. The approach is not methodical , something like a free expression of oneself. Deep emotional feelings evolve around it, and the desire to express it intimately comes on different forms, at the spun of the moment. Whichever is the form, caring had never been so intense , knowing to think of the good of another at every point in time, not by the moment but all throughout . Just like having and holding it close and protecting the love one, with outmost care and love. If only moments and place could offer. In transparency , deep love that comes from the inner core of the heart knows no boundaries, and it will goes through anything to express and care at any any time..

The will to care is endless because it comes from a true heart full of genuine love.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nature's Bounty

With the advent of progress and modernization all throughout the world comes the destruction of natural habitats and beautiful places on their serene state. Environmetnalist and green peace crusaders sound the big alarm on the effects of the destruction. The affects comes on different forms such as global warming, climate change, ecosystems and a broad range which has a doffler effect on the nature's balance. Various activities and business brought about a huge amount of pollutants that readily destroys the nature. Various plans and actions had been done but unless people awareness to unite and act in synchronicity to protect the mother earth , all of it will become futile and time will come that the future generation will not have the freedom to live life at its best state.

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